Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 13-14-15 30 Paintings/ 30 Days Painting Challenge

Day 13 - More wonderful wildflowers! I love these bluish beauties!
If they could be transplanted more readily , I would have them in my gardens!
"Ferns and Chicory"
4" x 4" mini
Day 14 - I do indeed "wonder" how long the deep snows will last .
 This is a painting of my own barn at my home in PA. I was just a tad bit homesick as I painted this. I love the snow, but my body does not put up with the cold weather very well.
"Winter 'Wonder'- Land"
4" x 4" mini
Day 15 - Sometimes life gets us down.
Then we just need to wait where we're at till the way shows clear.
 In the mean time it can feel like this little boat.
4" x 4" mini
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