Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunny's Studio is Moving!

I have decided to move back to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. I loved my home here in Kentucky, but all my family is in PA. I plan to be settled in by the end of March, and back to painting by April 1. My new home has a beautiful room with natural light for my painting studio!

Meanwhile, here are a few of my older paintings from the 80's and 90's when, besides canvas, I also painted on saws, as it was an "in" thing.

"On to Higher Ground" (Memories of "Payday", our Saanen goat herdsire)

Oil on 12" x 2.5" Sawblade
(painted using a magnifying glass)

"Bees... Just to Polinate the Garden"

Oil on 19" x 5" Sawblade

The first 4 of my husband's beehives. We ended up with over 1000 hives which he transported from PA to FL to Me and ND for pollination and honey production. Our honey and goat-milk fudge was sold in 7 different locations.

"Serenity at Sundown"

Oil on 10" Sawblade

These are all in my private collection. I am looking forward to start painting again beginning the 1st of April. Thanks to all who have been so supportive of me since the loss of my husband.