Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 25-26-27 30 Paintings/ 30 Days Painting Challenge

Day 25 - My favorite snack is apples with peanut butter.
It's a great "get-over-the-I-need-dessert" substitute; a good-for-you protein and energy filler!
  I enjoyed painting the different colors in this Gala apple!
"Gala Apple"
4" x 4" mini, oil on canvas panel

Day 26  - This scene is at the top of the hill from the Camp Huaco Springs campground. I would drive up there for signal to make phone calls. This is also where I saw the road runner.
"Tree Grove, Texas Hill Country"
4" x 4" oil on canvas panel

 Day 27 - This is probably my most favorite of the flower world. These are some I grew while living in Kentucky. As these giant beauties follow the path of the sun, they stand as a reminder to me that the best path in life is to........
"Follow the Son"
4" x 4" mini, oil on canvas
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