Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day Celebration, an Original Oil Painting by Rebecca Jennings

  I painted this as a tribute to truck drivers everywhere, no matter if its a bread truck, gasoline, log truck, or freight. What would we do if the trucks ceased to roll. Our lives as we know them would stop suddenly. Produce and canned goods, clothing and hardware, would all disappear from the shelves of our favorite stores. We owe these drivers a debt of gratitude! They have a big part in keeping our United States of America moving forward!
"Still Rollin', The Red, White and Blue!"
 8" x 10"  Oil on Canvas Panel

This painting was inspired by a scene at a truck stop where I stopped on my way home from winter vacation this last spring. There they were, lined up right in front of me. My heart jumped, as the memories came flooding back of my late husband and I driving team, hauling military freight after 9-11. It was our privilege to serve our country in this way!

Thanks for viewing!