Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 28-29-30 30 Paintings/ 30 Days Painting Challenge

Day 28 -  I love the desert and find it so very peaceful there. I will be heading that way very soon, and can hardly wait to be back there again!
"Desert Campfire"
4" x 4" mini, oil on canvas panel

Day 29 - Meanwhile, I captured these birds through my window on my phone camera a couple mornings ago. They were drinking and playing in the water left by recent rains. I watched their antics for a time as they went to the water and back again. It doesn't take much to make me laugh.
"You Lookin' at Me?"
4" x 4" mini, oil on canvas panel

Day 30 - This painting is from a photo taken of my RV 2 yrs ago on my last journey west. My intention was to head that way soon as this challenge was finished but it seems the Lord has other plans for me and I will have to forgo that journey for another year.
"Deserts of Ajo"
4" x 4" mini, oil on canvas panel

I'm finished!! This challenge helped me learn several things about painting and about myself.
Thanks for viewing!

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