Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Just off my easel.....

"The Night Before the Strawberry Moon"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel

I was enjoy a campfire in my back yard Sunday evening and snapped a progression of moon pictures as the sky changed. Then did this painting last night. This one is looking toward my house.
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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Backyard Plein Air Painting Today!

What;s going on in my back yard? Getting a start on my orchard!

"Backyard Orchard"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel

No better place to paint than my own back yard.  
I loved sitting out at my picnic table under the huge oak trees and painting. 
I also love having my own food supply! A few years ago when I moved back to Pennsylvania and acquired a little over and acre of ground with house, garage and barn, I planted asparagus, Blueberry plants and Red Raspberry plants.  Last year I put in a couple pear trees, and this year added 2 plum trees and an apple tree. I am looking forward to eating some fresh fruit from these in a couple years!!

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Tina's Haven, a work study in Oil

I arrived at my daughter's home the other day in late afternoon. The direction of the sunlight made her Japanese Maple glow at the very top, complimenting the roof and shutters of the home. I was so inspired by the contrast with the cool colors of the Hosta plants at the base of the house foundation. The steps leading from the driveway to the back porch are always inviting, as are the luscious grapes that grow on her vines in the backyard later in summer. 
"Tina's Haven"
8" x 7"
Oil on canvas panel

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Covered Bridge - Original Oil Painting by Rebecca Jennings (Sunny)

A favorite country scene that brings memories of happier, peaceful times; when life seemed to move at a slower pace. Sometimes we need to just sit back and reminisce......
"Five Miles-Per Hour Covered Bridge"
11" x 16 "
Oil on prepared oval wood support
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Older Painting - Re-visited , an Original by Rebecca Jennings

I was never quite happy with this painting. It never felt finished. I added some life to it with the boat and fishermen and took out the old bench that was so distracting. I also softened the hard line on the distant trees on the right and defined the birds a bit more. I am much happier with it now.
This one goes to my grand-daughter and family in New Jersey.
Energy Lake #2
(a favorite camping spot near Land of The Lakes, KY)
11" x 14"
Oil on canvas panel
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Some of my paintings are for sale and I also do commissions. Please let me know if I could help you with a painting for your home.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I love a Spring Morning! Original Oil Painting by Rebecca Jennings (Sunny)

Spring Mornings... just when the snow is gone, grass is starting to green, and the tops of the trees are turning reddish, just about to burst open with new life! Another sure sign of Spring is the sighting of  the red-winged blackbird near the edges of ponds, or near open fields.
"Spring Morning"
8" x 16"
Oil on stretched canvas

Here is a detail photo

Progress photo

Reference photo

Many of my paintings are available, If you are interested please email. 
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Welcome Spring! an Original Oil Painting (My Favorite Things #4)

"Welcome Spring!"
10" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel 
Who doesn't remember being told as a child, that when the robins build their nests, then Spring is truly here! Just off my easel, a painting depicting the Robin who hatched 2 clutches of eggs on the railing of my deck under the shelter of the rhododendron bush last spring. It was so much fun being able to watch this little family close up! Feeding was a round-the-clock job for both parents.