Friday, January 3, 2020

A Little Painting of my Early RV Life

I was driving between MS and Texas, only a few hours away from my destination, when I got caught in a huge storm on the interstate, I knew I needed to pull off the road. Visibility was poor. I followed 2 tractor-trailers to an off ramp, knowing that they likely knew of a sfe place to park, I was not disappointed as they pulled into a large empty gravel lot and stopped. I followed them in and parked my motorhome as well, leaving plenty of space between us. As I sat there watching the rain pour down , running down the paved roads and spilling into the dirt lot, and the wind-blown trees leaning I knew I had made the right choice. I decided to get out my paint and do a quick study of the storm. I think I had interpreted very well what was happening for the next few hours.
"Storm, East of Rockwall, TX"
8 x 10 oil study on canvas panel 

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Making a New Effort...

To try to catch up on my painting blog. These posts may not be in the order that I painted them, but it's more important to me to get them on here.

This painting is one I did while boondocking (camping without hookups) near Balmorhea, TX, in a cow pasture. What intrigued me more than the cows, was the eggret that wandered in every day toward the end of the lake where I had parked my RV. I loved the shadows on the water. It was calm and peaceful here and I stayed 4 days.
" Balmorhea Lake"
8" x 10" oil on linen stretched canvas.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Covered Bridge - Workshop Painting

Workshop painting? Do I still take lessons? Of couse. Always push for learning more, or something that I didn't catch before, or maybe just a good refresher. So even though I'm traveling and living fulltime in my RV, I still try to catch a class when I can. 
This was a fun exercise, with all the colors of the bushes and trees, the covered bridge and the mountains, and all the while trying to incorporate those colors in each area so all blended well together. I was pleased with the outcome, although if I painted it again there would be a few adjustments I could make.

Covered Bridge
9" x 12"
Oil on canvas paper

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Wetlands near Texarkana, Texas

On a beautiful sunny day, in an unknown (to me) area, I passed this scene on a frontage road as I headed north on I-30 on my way to pick up a few groceries. It was so striking I took the next exit and turned to double back wanting to get a shot of this gorgeousness! I love wetlands anywhere, and with the puffy white clouds showing reflections in the water, the sun brightening the colored leaves, and the drying grasses, it was a scene I just could not pass up!I took a few pictures and after purchasing my needed items I headed back to get out my paints and see if I could do the scene justice....
" Autumn Wetlands in Texas"
8" x 16" 
Oil on Stretched canvas
(from the last week of October)

Reference photos

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Autumn in Mississippi, an Original Oil painting by Rebecca Jennings

"Autumn in Mississippi"
11" x 14"
Oil on prepped stretched canvas

This painting was inspired by a conversation I had with this gentleman while visiting my daughter a few years ago. He, and others, would park alongside the roadway to sell their produce. He had jars of honey, sugar canes, sacks of sweet potatoes and bags of oranges. He was a very kind man and allowed me to take his picture. It has always been a fond memory and I'm glad I finally got around to doing this painting.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Just a Side-trip....

I had this 8" x 8" stretched canvas that I wanted to do just a very simple painting on. This summer had been very busy and I wanted to paint something to help me relax. Nothing really noteworthy, but just fun.

  Fields of Daisies

         I love Daisies, so I decided that a field of them, uninterrupted would portray a settling effect for me. It calms me when I look at it....

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