Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beauty of Nature

We are not always aware of the beauty in the most mundane things of life until we slow down enough to really look.  This is not really a wildflower but is a wild grass that grows profusely  in fields and pastures, mostly in the southern states. It is the bane of many farmers and ranchers as it chokes the more nutritive grasses fed on by livestock. I, however, have always liked the almost independent look of the stocks.
"Broom Sage"
8" x 10" oil
Painted mid-November 2014
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Wildflower Painting

Oh, I've been traveling, seeing the sights! Painting when I can.....
Please forgive the glare on this one, fresh off the easel.
"Queen Anne's Lace"
8" x 10"
oil on canvas (available)
Painted Nov 15, 2014 from a photo I took while visiting my sister in New York the previous month.
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Friday, November 21, 2014


Visiting Daughter #3 in Mississippi, she asked me to help her with a painting she had been struggling with. The idea came from her, and was to be a painting for her son who has been facing many struggles in his young life, but now through trusting Christ, was on the road to a better life! As she was painting and we talked, I painted along, basically using the same idea she was trying to transfer from her heart and head to the canvas. The new thing for me was painting with her acrylics, which I had never tried before. This was my version. I am also posting hers, She has just begun paint a few months ago and is making great strides in her skills!
"A Changed Life"
8"x 10" acrylic
Painted mid-November 2014 with daughter
as we were working....
She hadn't put the scripture on yet and a shawl over the cross.
I wish I had a finished picture of hers. It was so fun doing these together!
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Monday, November 10, 2014

First Camping site of Autumn

I love camping at my favorite place in Kentucky and will always stop there on the way through, This is my 4th painting of Energy Lake at Land Between the Lakes. It is just so peaceful there and it has been a good 1st stop to unwind and a last refresher before the final leg of the journey home.
"Falling Leaves"
11" x 14" oil
Painted early November 2014
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