Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 19-20-21 30 Paintings/ 30 Days Painting Challenge

Day 19 -  I snapped a couple photos of these two at the Port Aransas beach in December. There were many people there enjoying the sunshine, but this scene captured my heart. It looked to me like a Grandfather and Grandson out to enjoy the day together. This was my second attempt at figures. My intent was to get the information down. I plan on a larger, truer painting later on.
4" x 4" mini, oil
This is one of my favorite wildflowers, the Wild Geranium. I like them so much I once embroidered them on a set of lavender sheets and pillowcases.
"Flowers of the Field"
4" x 4" mini, oil
Day 21 - A scene from on the Niagara River while visiting my sister last fall. The sun was going down behind clouds, casting beautiful colors on the water.
"Peaceful Waters"
4" x 4" mini, oil on canvas
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