Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let Your Light Shine - 30 Paintings / 30 Days - #5

I am continuing on with the 30 Day painting challenge hosted by talented artist Leslie Saeta.
Link here to join in or see paintings of other artists.I am glad to be participating in this challenge and look forward to seeing the paintings of other participants as well.
My theme is centered on my travels this winter in my 1996 29' Winnebago RV.
My theme is centered on my travels this winter in my 1996 29' Winnebago RV. Improving and diversifying my painting subjects has been one of the main goals of my travels. My goals for this challenge are to pick up speed in my painting, and be freer in my use of color and brushwork.
"Let Your Light Shine"
4" x 5" Oil on canvas
My porch light had burned out on my RV, and a couple nights ago I missed the step in the dark. I was not hurt, but it was a good reminder to get a replacement bulb installed. ( it uses those auto tail-light bulbs) This painting is also a reminder to" always let our light shine"!
Thanks for viewing!


  1. So glad you weren't hurt and that you replaced the bulb! We do find inspiration in some interesting places do we not!

  2. Now you know I like this one!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, and I like the title, I am also glad you didn't get hurt. YOu are so gifted.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. … Oh, yes, I like the painting. I like the colors. I like the values. I just don't like putting the light bulbs in your RV.


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