Sunday, January 6, 2013

30 Painting in 30 Days / #3

I am participating in a painting challenge to jump-start my painting efforts for 2013
The challenge has been offered by talented artist Leslie Saeta.
Link here to join in or see paintings of other artists.
I am looking forward to this time of painting, and seeing the paintings of other participants as well.

My theme is going to be centered on my travels this winter in my 1996 29' Winnebago RV. Painting has been one of my main reasons for my travels.
"Treat Them Special"
3.5" x 5" Oil on Canvas
I have found its a good idea to have extra dog treats when your pups are out of their normal routine and in unfamiliar surroundings. One of my pups slipped their collar. Fortunately I thought quickly enough to offer Curley Joe a treat, to which he came running right to me.
He might have been dinner for a javelina!!
If you see a painting you like, or would like me to do a commission for you please contact me privately by my email (

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  1. I love the doggie treats, Sunny! I can tell you are having fun with this challenge!!!


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