Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Water and Ice study- Reposted

I have been working on some winter weather scenes. My daughter took this photo at Fisherman's Cove near Franklin, PA, and I just had to try it. I know rocks are very un-interesting to some people but I love the colors that come from water-covered ones! I tried to portray the feel of a day when the snow and ice are just starting to melt.

"Winter Thaw"
8 x 10 study
oil on canvas panel


  1. Very N-ice! Get it? Ice? Oh well!

    You did so well on this - You captured the edges of the transparent snow melt just exactly right!

    Good job, Sunny - I'm looking forward to checking out WetCanvas!

  2. Wonderful!Just wonderful.The melting ice is so beautifully painted.

  3. I think you nailed it Sunny. The edges of the snow do feel as if they are melting. Very pretty and an interesting composition.

  4. I'll try not to let my bias show...but.... great painting!!


Thanks for your kind comments!