Friday, February 11, 2011

Painting outside today

I was so glad it warmed up enough to get outside to paint today. It was 17* when I left the house and was out about one and a half hrs. I did the finishing touches at home this afternoon. I love how the wild vines climb up the fence in the summer to be the perfect winter decoration!

"Tracy's House - Snowed In"

Plein Air Oil 9 x12


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  1. Positively wonderful. You have such talent - and such bravery.

  2. Great looking painting Sunny.I love it.

  3. Very charming! I admire you for getting out in the cold to paint, brrrr. I know I should do it but "it's cold" lol

  4. There is nothing like being outside for any activity. I have found that creativity flows more freely when I am out in the natural elements. Though I can't imagine keeping my fingers warm enough to craft with. Lovely painting, so glad you are following your heart and not the weather reports!

  5. Nice composition, Sunny! Brrrrrr...Still too cold for this Chilly Willy!

  6. And I am not disappointed, You are one talented lady!!! So beautiful!!

  7. I don't know how you did it when it was so cold; but great.

  8. I am so glad to see you are doing so much painting! And they are all beautiful. I know Grandma would be so VERY proud of you and your paintings!!

  9. I absolutely love your color choices here, Sunny. The warm colors play very nicely with the cool colors of the snowy areas.
    We hit 70 degrees here in PA today - a total fluke that is being remedied by the 60 mile an hour wind gusts that are rolling through!


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