Thursday, February 24, 2011

Johannes paint-along - finished

Okay, I think I have done all I know to do to this...


11 x 14 Oil on stretched canvas

These are the things I have been working on.............

1. abstract shapes
2. values (I tend to get too dark in areas)
3. brush strokes

Now, if I can get my right brain to do these all at the same time ....everytime.... I will feel I have made some progress. Wow... this does take brain work!! I will be the first to admit .... my brain needs some exercise


  1. But a fabulous eye for painting. This is fabulous.

  2. Thanks Jo... I feel so limited some times.

  3. But Sunny, this oil painting is just lovely...very nice indeed!
    Keep them coming

  4. Hi Sunny - my, but you've been so busy painting, girl! I've been so busy haven't had much time for blogging! I never did get to get online for those workshops. Looks like you're really having fun with that! Good job - I like this river painting - you really can tell that water's just rushing on it's way. I'm so proud you're getting to do this! Glad SOMEbody's getting to paint!

  5. Sis, you never fail to amaze me! Beautiful as always!

  6. Very Pretty... looks like you could walk right into it.

  7. Love the great variety of your greens! Great painting!

  8. My sweet, true friend, you inspire me both creatively and within my daily walk through life. THANKS for being YOU!


Thanks for your kind comments!