Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Painting Space and a WIP

Just thought I'd post some pictures of my painting space and what I am working on now.
I have a north and north-east windows that light comes in, and rarely need to turn on lights.
This room is one of the main reasons I decided on this house.
Right now I am working on this farm scene. A storm was coming in from the west as I was out land-scoping recently. I am amazed at how little time I have been actually painting, when my expectations have certainly been to do more.
But, its coming along. I guess I need to have patience with myself. Everyone has their own speed ... and life.... I will choose be content to do what I can and when I can.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your space and your artwork too!

  2. The room looks so neat!!!!

  3. What a beautiful, bright studio.
    Looks like you have a lot going on there, so many ideas all at once :)
    You are such a talented lady, your paintings simply beautiful.

  4. You have a great place to create, Sunny!
    Well arranged and neat. Mine looks like a disaster area.
    I like the latest landscape!
    Happy painting!

  5. Nice painting Sunny! You have a great space to work - full of sunshine and plenty of space. I have to agree with Dean that mine also is full of creative clutter.

  6. What a great painting space Sunny! I love it - and that north light is perfect - you don't need artificial lighting much if at all. Great start you've got going on your hay bales - I love doing hay bales - one of these days I'll have a nice painting space like yours. I'm starting on this silly sawmill blade...

  7. Hey Sunny - on the round sawblade you painted, was that 10" radius or diameter? Just curious. This one I'm doing is 23" diameter. Pretty big (and heavy) and I'm going to bolt it to my drawing table so it won't fall and cut my foot in half. haha!

  8. How neat and wonderful. Mine is such a mess if only I were as organized as you.


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