Saturday, July 14, 2012

Before the Storm

I finished this painting today. Until recently we have had the regular amount of rain showers. I was glad this farmer was able to get his hay rolled before the storm hit. Near Sandy Lake, PA.

"Before the Storm"
14 x 18
Oil on prepared 1/4 " masonite


  1. Magnificent, Rebecca! I love the way the purple of the sky sets off the golds of the haybales and the fields - this is a WONDERFUL painting!

  2. Sunny, we've been having some of these skies, too - love the contrast of the dark skies and the golden hay. Good to see another one of youur works! I love painting hay bales...

  3. Really like this little picture of daily life of a farmer, that sky sure does look ominous!!! It really is beautiful!sulthist

  4. Fantastic painting Sunny!! Your blog looks great.


Thanks for your kind comments!