Friday, June 15, 2012

Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Western PA - Finished

I visited this area early in May and took photos. It was such a peaceful place, I could just feel my whole self relax as I enjoyed the view. I knew I would have to come back here to paint.
As life so often happens, my plans were delayed. I finally got back yesterday morning and was able to spend a couple hrs here. This is a quick study painting I did (and the cardboard carrier I use to transport :) ) Needs alot more work but at least I got the brushes wet, lol.
I appologize for the glare of wet paint.
There was more pond scum on the water than when I first visited. I hope to do several paintings of this area.
This is the finished painting. I think the glare of wet paint gave a bluish cast to the study painting.
"Peaceful Habitat"
9x12 oil on canvas board
Plein Air (75%), finished in studio


  1. Nice water. Glad you painted it hope to see many more. How is your garden.

  2. That IS a great place to paint,Sunny!
    You achieved nice depth in this!

  3. What a fantastic place to paint - I hope we will be seeing more beauties like this one!!!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. Love hearing from you!

  5. A lovely scene and you did a wonderful job painting it. I would love to visit there.

  6. Thanks Barbara! Nice of you to stop in :)


Thanks for your kind comments!