Monday, August 30, 2010

Over the week-end....

"Pear Harvest"
Oil on 8"x 10" stretched canvas
Hubby wanted to eat these (actually wanted a pear salad) so I had to paint quickly, then follow up with photos I took. They were picked from our 2-yr old tree, and are not like the yellow Bartlett pears but more like Kiefer. I enjoyed painting this anyway.


  1. I really LOVE this one... Its Beautiful. Man I need a pear tree.

  2. That is fabulous - I want to be like you when I grown up.

  3. Oh! Sunny, If I could paint like this, I probably would not do much of anything else. I know your dh is so proud of you, I know I am. I can't tell you how many times I have seen something, and would say to myself. "Oh! if I only could paint this.:. How gifted and talented you are.
    May your day be filled with many more blessings.

  4. You are sooo gifted with your paint brush and eye. I love, love, love your work. I also love your attitude, heart and stick-to-it-ness!!! A needed things by ALL of us. Blessings my sweet, sweet friend and lots of these....(((hugs)))

  5. Awesome sis! Wordless other than that!

  6. I love the still life mom! Looks like I could reach in, pick one out and take a big juicy bite!


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