Thursday, August 19, 2010

2nd Time Around ...

I had done this painting back in May, but had never been happy with it.... especially the fore ground. I have re-worked several areas and am now satisfied with it. It is from a photo taken near Franklin, Pa near Fisherman's Cove, a "retired" caboose now in use as a fishing camp.

"End of the Line"
I am also happy with the old frame that I found for it. I cut it down by an inch in width, put it back together, and used on this painting. I think it compliments the painting.
11" x 14" oil on stretched canvas.


  1. Oh that is lovely. So serene, looks like a good place for peace and quiet. It is so balanced - makes me smile to look at it.

  2. Its Beautiful Sunny! The frame is perfect :)

  3. Great Job, Sunny - and yes, your frame does compliment the painting. Alot of times, the frame makes or breaks the painting. You really got that "rusty" look there on that old caboose! I'll bet some animals are using that old caboose for a home!

  4. I'm now "following". I thought I already was. You're on my bloglist on my side-bar, but I forgot to add my name to your followers!

  5. Looks good sis! Could not quite picture the frame when you were describing it, but it does go with the painting! Good job... And I love the way you changed it. More "light"!

  6. Very nice!
    Has did the knee scopes come out??

  7. Hi Sunny, Beautiful, you are very talented, thanks for sharing.
    Thank you for coming by and for taking the time to leave me a sweet comment. Im so glad the laundry detergent is working out for you.


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