Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Favorite Things #3, An Original Oil painting by Rebecca Jennings

This spinning wheel was a gift to me from my husband just months before he died. I loved the smooth wood of the wheel and the paddle. The spinner would sit at the right side and work the paddle with their feet to make the wheel go at a smooth, steady speed. The wool would be fed carefully onto the wheel, go full circle and, at the practiced touch of the spinner's hands, come out the other side as yarn to be knitted into warm clothes or woven into blankets. 

This wheel is now in the possession of my eldest daughter who has become a fiber artist in her own right. This painting is a gift to her. 
"Afternoon Reflections"
 12" x 12" 
Oil on stretched canvas
(Private Collection)

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  1. Nice to have a model that sits still for you and looks so good. I am glad it will be getting some use as well.


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