Thursday, September 13, 2012

Put Out to Pasture - Truck #2

They were beautiful once, too.
"Put Out to Pasture"
Truck  #2
5 x 7 Oil on Canvas board

I loved these old trucks I found in some fields near Sandy Lake. As I painted, I have been thinking about the work they did, the places they have gone, the condition of the roads that took them on their journeys, and the weather they endured. I wondered about blown tires, if the heater always worked, or if they had a heater at all, and did the wipers always work??

I have one more I am doing for this set and will post upon completion
Thanks for viewing!


  1. Another winner in your truck series, Sunny! These old trucks do have pasts...lifetimes...personalities...much like humans.

  2. Love the truck paintings! Like your feelings on them too as you paint them. A story is always nice.
    My brother used to live in Sandy Lake.

  3. What a terrific addition to your truck series! I love to see this old trucks, and you are really are capturing their character beautifully.


Thanks for your kind comments!