Friday, August 31, 2012

Put Out to Pasture - Truck #1

"Put Out to Pasture"
Truck #1
5 x 7 Oil on Canvas board

I love old trucks and have been planning to do these for some time now.
This is a fun exercise for me as I love painting anything that rusts.
If you are interested in this or another of my paintings please email me.  I also do commissions.
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  1. I love this painting! I use to paint years ago and recently decided to start again. I hope that I can pick it back up. Barns use to be my favorite.

  2. Sunny, Your artistry is wonderful. I'm so glad you picked up the brushes again. I, too, LOVE old trucks. What a wonderful painting. I love working with oils too. Maybe, someday, my pace will slow down and I can pick up my brushes and start stroking again. Oh, and I ever envious of your studio. All of my work is done from the kitchen table.

  3. Sunny this is such a lovely painting.Old trucks always make a wonderful subject.

  4. You captured plenty of personality in this old car, Sunny! Great painting!

  5. This is a very strong painting and a captivating subject. Nice work!


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