Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting Course Homework

For last week's assignment, we had the choice to do a painting of one of the instructor's photos, or one of our own. This was my choice.

I go past this field when I go to town, and this beautiful Sycamore tree grabs my attention every time. I did make some changes to make it more interesting, and tried to apply the principals the instructor is teaching us.

"Fields At Rest"
11 x 14 Oil on stretched canvas

I'd like to take a hike down through these fields, wouldn't you? and see what's behind those yonder trees. I think a creek may run through that valley......


  1. Beautiful serene feeling from this painting. Nice! Daniel

  2. Its Beautiful... I'd like to take a hike through them trees too :)

  3. You caught the peacefulness of the surroundings. Nice to be able to pass that very area on your way to town. You are quite a fine artist, Sunny. Have a restful day.

  4. Thanks Daniel, I appreciate the imput. How nice of you to stop by!

  5. Thanks Jen, I actually think an ATV is in order for this jaunt! At least for me :)

  6. Dar, thanks for your kind comments. You have some pretty neat artists in your family as well!!


Thanks for your kind comments!