Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In honor of Valentine's Day

 I painted this for a submission to one of the art groups I am involved with. The subject for February was something red, in celebration of Valentine's Day.
"Abandoned Hearts"
 I had fun doing this painting. I imagined a couple of young, in-love kids.... carving their initials in a heart on the tree.  I imagined their life together; getting married, buying their first pick up truck (an old beater but in good running condition), raising a family...... Possibly the young children were permitted to ride in the back of the truck, but eventually the growing family needed a bigger car. The old truck was parked down at the back of the property by the tiny stream.
 Years later, the parents pass away, and the now adult children are called upon to disperse of the family holdings. As they walk around the property, they come across the old relic, and maybe for the first time, see on the tree the carved declaration of their parents young love for each other.... 
Sweet memories are made of things like this.
"Abandoned Hearts"
8" x 10"
Oil on stretched canvas

This painting is available
If interested you can reach me by email listed on my sidebar.

Thanks for viewing!

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