Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Late Summer Painting Finished - Energy Lake II

I had started this painting on site late in August, but was not able to finish at the time. I love this peaceful lake and campground at GoldenPond , KY. It has been sitting in my studio ever since and beckons me whenever I go there. So here it is finished.


11" x 14" Oil on canvas panel

(Close-up) I actually almost like this section of it better than the full painting. I love painting the different textures of tree bark.


  1. So beautiful. It makes me want to just stop and relax there! blessings,Kathleen

  2. I agree, Sunny...That close up has got a lot going for it!
    I find that often happens to me where the cropped close up version has more appeal than the full painting.

  3. Well done! is this a cosignment piece or a piece for yourself?

  4. I like them both. The serene lake and the wonderful close-up of the trees. Very lovely, Sunny.

  5. I love them both! So glad you posted them, they're delightful!

  6. I love them, and the bench looks so inviting. Just beautiful.


Thanks for your kind comments!