Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up-date ... a "plein air" painting ... almost

After company from TX visited 2 weekends ago, my husband had shoulder surgery on the following Wed. Getting things done in preparation for that, I stayed off the puter and when I returned, my power cord no longer worked. Checking it out, we discovered that it had been chewed on and was no longer holding together (thanks alot, Bailey :-/ ) So hubby ordered me a new cord which arrived yesterday.

Over the week-end, I had wanted to paint (like fingers itching, smelling the oils, empty easel standing there) .... but all the photos I wanted to use were on my puter.

So I just sat..... in front of my easel, get up and go back an hour later ... (needed to stay close to my "one-armed" hubby in case he needed anything) I found myself looking out the window, across the yard , through the fence in the bull pasture, into the woods .... where the lowering sun was playing among the trees .....

The result was my first, "almost" plein air painting

"Don't Fence Me in"

9" x 12" Oil on canvas panel

This took several hrs total. I had to wait to finish the next day to get the sunlight as close to the same as the day before as possible. (I am not a quick painter, but I am working on that...)

Just wanted to share..... Thanks for visiting!

Oh, and hubby is mending and was able to go back to work with his arm in a sling, on light duty for the next 4 weeks. He's been a real trooper :)


  1. Sunny, that painting has depth and I FEEL like i'm outside! Cooler and warm tones on the bark and in the shadows that photos never give off right- That painting just SINGS.

    Rich center of interest with the flowers too! and, i might be weird but i love seeing posts and wire too. The wire and posts put it in a real place and time (th real Sunny's Place!) instead of just any old forest. You should be proud of that one Sunny, and prayers, even now, for your Husbands quick mending. Heck, maybe you should move that puter of yours out of the studio for the rest of Summer!

    Handsomely done,

  2. My you sure are talented. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture with us.

  3. Just found your blog today, thanks to Mr. TJ (just a couple comments above this one). And I must say I love the story that accompanies this one. Kudos young lady. Kudos.

  4. Sunny... That painting is BEAUTIFUL! Great Job!

  5. Sunny, this painting is so well-done! You did a great job of capturing the light filtering through the trees! You need to just run on down here to Texas and join my plein air group! Really, when your husband mends, you need to check out some groups maybe in your area? Painting on your own is wonderful, but it's nice to get some feedback from fellow artists!
    Good job on this one! Keep up the good work!

    Glad your husband is mending! Prayers answered! Vickie

  6. I've learned that it's always better to paint from life than from photos. You'll be hooked now. Very very good painting!

  7. What a lovely gift to be able to paint like that at all, much less "in a few hours!" So lovely!!!! Glad hubby is on the mend and your corded again :o)

  8. Ok, now that I have my laptop straightened out, I will try to leave the comment I left last night. I believe I tried to say, "Wow! This painting left me absolutely speechless and also brought tears to my eyes! This is awesome, sis!!"

  9. Your painting is breath taking! So lovely! Do you ever place them in showings? You should! Glad your husband is mending! Blessings,Kathleen

  10. Hi Sunny, I am so glad your dh is doing better,but I am totally blown away by your talent of being able to put on canvas something so beautiful. You truly have a gift from God, and may you continue to use it to bless others. I wold so love to be able to draw or paint like that.Thank you for sharing.

  11. oh WOW!!! Sunny this is incredible. So glad I stopped by to check things out today! Hope hubby is mending well!!

    Debby from Kentucky

  12. Ooooh aaaah I think one this rates as my new favorite!!

    Hope your husband is loads better. =)

  13. What a great job you did on that painting. I remember one rainy day I was looking out the window at the dogwood in the yard. With the rain spatters on the window it looked like an impressionist painting. I tried painting what I saw, but I was so disappointed, it didn't capture the light the way I saw it.


Thanks for your kind comments!